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Switzerland is a country on the European continent. This country definitely features in the best places to visit for a honeymoon. The snow-clad mountains and opulentgreen fields make Switzerland a romantic destination for newly married couples. But, the country is not just for those. The sparkling lakes, scenic ranges,the appealing medieval citiesattract a number of people to plan their Switzerland Tour. We recommend you to explore the pleasant cities of Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and Geneva and let them enthral you to the fullest in your Switzerland Holidays.

Besides the naturally beautiful Switzerland Attractions, the country also has the most prominent trek routes globally and you will go awe seeing the stunning mountains. If you visit the country, spend your time with the locals to understand their culture and know new things. If you are thinking to plan your Switzerland Trip, go with the assistance of the best travel agency which can provide you with all sorts of help to make your holidays worth remembering for a long time. Also, Switzerland Holidays are not much costly if you go through us. We can provide the best travel package at a very reasonable price range.


Speaking of Switzerland Activities, there is no limit to fun generated here. Water sports at the Interlaken town are a must do. Tourists get entertained with varied water sports activities such as Wakeboarding, Wind Surfing, Wakeskating, WaterSkiing, etc. Whatever be the activity, you wouldn’t get bored because of the beautiful locations everywhere in your Switzerland Trip. Also, people who want a variety of sports can try Standup Paddling, Tandem Rafting, and Canoeing.The blue waters and the natural outdoor poolwill entice you to take a revitalizing and stimulating dip.

Here are some of the must-do activities in Switzerland:

  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Tandem Rafting
  • Standup Paddling

Major Attractions

Switzerland Holidaysprovides extensive tourism attractions for tourists to explore and enjoy. Exploring the scenery, history, and the beauty of the snow-drapedlandscapes will make your holidays memorable. Do not miss visiting the Matterhorn Mountain. Go as close as you can as it is the most photographed mountain for tourists who go on a Switzerland Tour. Moreover, visit Zurich; the cultural hub of Swiss.

Below are a few places that can be in your bucket list:

  • Matterhorn Mountain
  • Chateau de Chillon, Montreux
  • Swiss National Park
  • Lugano
  • Bern
  • The Rhine Falls
  • Zurich
  • Conny-Land
  • Oeschinen Lake

Must try foods

Switzerland cuisine has influences of North Italian, French, and the German Countries. Each delicacy is a great way to start your day. Every bite is packed with flavour and will leave you drooling. There is no need to talk about the wide popularity of Swiss chocolates. After completing your Switzerland Trip,make sure you buy some Swiss chocolates and get home to continue relishing these yummy chocolates.

These are some of the foodsthat you must not forget to try in your Switzerland Tour:

  • Swiss Fondue
  • Basler Leckerli
  • Rosti
  • Raclette
  • Swiss Chocolates
  • Alplermagronen
  • Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

Additional Information

Based on your travel purpose, there are diverse kinds of visas that you can apply for entering into Switzerland. You can apply online and get the visa easily; but tourists entering into Switzerland must have to provide certain proofs like invitation letter from your friend/relative/family member along with their address proof, banks statements, passport copy, etc. An important thing to remember while you are on your Switzerland Tour is, having control on your body language. Fidgeting or making sweeping signs are considered rude in Switzerland.Poor stance is glared upon. Do not yawn, sprawl, or stretch in public.

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